Phrasal verbs for business: H

to hack into

to break into a computer system: The company computer system was hacked into at the weekend.

to hammer (something) out

to negotiate hard and come to an agreement: The meeting went on until 2 am before they had hammered out an agreement.

to hand (something) in

to submit work: We handed in the application at 16:55, just five minutes before the deadline.

to hand (something) out

to distribute: I’ve got some printouts of the presentation that I’ll hand out at the end.

The compound noun “handout” means the item distributed.

to hand (something) over

to give: We’ll hand over all the documentation at the closing of the transaction.

The compound noun “handover” means an exchange or transfer.

to hang back

to stay behind/not move forwards: The buyer wants to hang back on the transaction for the moment.

to hang up on

to end a phone call: He just hung up on me while I was talking. How rude!

to hinge on/upon

to be determined by: The success of the project hinges upon the co-operation of all the people involved.

to hit back

to respond to a verbal attack: Despite all my hard work she criticised me at the meeting, so I hit back hard.

to hold out

to resist: They offered us a much lower price than we’re prepared to accept, but we’re holding out for at least $25 mln.

to home in on

to target: BigCo is homing in on Little and Sons. I think they’re planning a takeover.

to hush (something) up

to keep something bad quiet/hidden: This could be bad for the company’s reputation. Let’s do everything we can to hush it up.


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