Phrasal verbs for business: E

to ease off

to reduce pressure on somebody/something: I think you should ease off on this issue or it might be a deal breaker.

to calm down: The storm should ease off soon.

to eat away/into

to destroy slowly: The fall in sales is eating away at profits.

to eat (something) up

to consume all of something: The income tax rise is going to eat up all my bonus.

to egg (someone) on

to encourage: If we can egg them on a little with some additional incentive, I think they’ll agree to our terms.

to eke out

to make something last as long as possible: We should be able to eke out this income for another couple of months.

to earn enough only for a basic existence: She eked out a living taking in laundry for over 20 years.

to embark on/upon

to start doing something: Make sure you check the regulations before you embark upon the project.


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